Top 10 richest European football clubs


Football is a family of team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal. It is loved by many people in the world. Many big matches are always taken place , World cup , Euro Cup etc .

There are many football freaks who doesn’t miss out any of the match so far. Good news is, how much the football team earns and the rank of their richness as per their earnings.

Here are the lists for top 10 richest European football clubs in the world

tottenham hotspur logo

10.Tottenham hotspurs $1.020 billion dollars

It whole team has the value of 1.020 billion dollars with additional revenue being 310 million dollars. Previously, AC Milan was at this spot.


9.Juventus $1.300 billion dollars

This team has definitely made a change as it has risen from the value of 837 million dollars to 1.300 billion dollars in one year with additional revenue being 390 million dollars.

liverpool logo

8.Liverpool $1.550 billion dollars

It has the value of 1.550 billion dollars million US dollars. Along with it, it also has got the additional revenue value of 471 million dollars.


7.Chelsea $1.600 billion

If we are comparing both years, Chelsea has moved down one rank from the year before. It has a team value of 1.660 billion dollars. Along with that, it has additional revenue of 505 million dollars.

manchester city logo

6.Manchester City  $1.920 billion

At number 6 ,we have The Manchester City. This team from England has the value of 1.920 billion dollars. Along with this, it also has additional revenue of 558 million dollars.


bayern munich logo

5.Bayern Munich  $2.680 billion

Maintaining the consistency throughout the year, at number 5 is Bayern Munich. This team from Germany has the value of 2.680 billion dollars. Along with it also possesses 675 million dollar revenue figure.

manchester united logo

4.Manchester $United 2.020 billion

This team has dropped 2 ranks this year, from 2 to 4. This team from England has a value of 2.020 billion dollars with additional revenue of 524 million dollars.

arsenal logo

3.Arsenal $3.315 billion

This team truly has improved a lot in terms of ranking. From number 7 last year to number 3. With skyrocketing team value from 1.310 billion dollars to 3.315 billion dollars in one year, this team is really worthy. It has additional revenue of 645 million dollars.


barcelona fc logo

2.Barcelona  $3.320 billion dollars

Barcelona, from Spain has the value of 3.320 billion dollars. Yes! It is a lot but still not the best. It has a revenue of 694 million dollars as well…which has increased from 657 in the past year.

real madrid logo

1.Real Madrid  $3.650 billion

Real Madrid is considered one of the most valuable football teams in the whole world. In addition, it is also one of the top 10 richest European football clubs by far. With a team value of 3.650 billion dollars, along with this it has amazing revenue of 694 million dollars this team is at number 1 of Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World 2016.



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