Laptop powered by mobile chipset (snapdragon 835)


Here is the birth of another category of the full blown windows 10 computers now powered by QUALCOMM snapdragon 835.There are some couple of significant things that makes these computer stand apart from standard PC. Now the laptops are always connected since you are using the mobile chipset, which definitely is always connected. Secondly now the computer is more power efficient again thanks to the mobile technology provided by the snapdragon 835.


Currently two player are displaying their newest laptop powered baby these small babies. That is HP ENVY X2 by HP and ASUS novaGo by ASUS. They both claiming that the device will give 20+ Hr battery life and non-compromising experience. Believe it or not 10 nanometer processor of the snapdragon 835 is powerful enough to run windows 10, and those who are worried about their windows applications. X86 application will run just fine via the emulation it doesn’t matter if you have windows 10s or windows 10 it will run fine.


So for those of you who is asking where is the catch? , there literally is no catch here, this is where the again the future of computing as we see it. More of the review when the units arrive in our office.

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