The new MacBook. Do you need one?

MacBook 2015


So apple fan boys here comes the new toy for you the whole new MacBook. Yes, not MacBook air plus, not MacBook pro plus, just the MacBook. Now the question is do you need one??


Well the answer is not so simple. Let me explain why.


Apple unveiled this small monster on March 9th. Which is even thinner than the MacBook Air, not as thin as a paper but you know thin enough to grasp the eyes of the user, with


  • 12-inch Retina display with resolution of 2304 x 1440
  • Just mere pound heavier than an Ipad powered
  • Intel Core M processor (Mobile processor with less power hunger ),
  • no fan that mean silent operation
  • New touchpad named as Force touch and detect the pressure the way you touch
  • Single USB_C port source of power and the only peripheral port
  • And promising 10 hrs. Battery backup you can browse, play movie listen song whole day.


It’s a great looking device which you want to have, but remember its apple’s product so it’s sure is going to cost u a lot. If you are into just web surfing, listening music and some other simple entertainment stuff and of course rich enough to buy one then get one. And obviously designing , developing and multimedia uploading is your thing and just smile and say yes the device looks good and work on you regular desktop/laptop.


We too want to know the answer do you want one. So lets help each other by commenting below.

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