Shooting Stars: Hundreds of drones dancing on sky: Amazing facts in 2017

Today 300 drones with led light was dancing during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show. Hundreds of Shooting Star drones flash, change colors, form a different context based formations and are all controlled by one person. The show itself is neat, as everyone who watched the Super Bowl saw, but the most impressive part wasn’t broadcasted on TV. The drones take off from launchpads like fireflies. it was like Shooting Stars: Hundreds of drones dancing on sky, also assumed as the amazing facts in 2017.


Today, there are lots of facts happening in the whole world. Various unique facts happened, people around the world are doing stuffs that are unimaginable and difficult. One of the most amazing facts in 2017  is this Dancing drones in the sky as a shooting stars.

Intel broke world record last year launching 500 drones into sky in spectacular style. In 2015 intel put 100 drones in the sky and broke a world record. Now in 2016 they set a new challenge: 500 drones.

On a football field in in Krailling, Germany, Intel successfully set a new record for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously as 500 drones performed a flawless routine together, lighting up the evening sky. All of the 500 drones moved as a single fleet, operated by one pilot with a laptop. This reflects a huge development in the UAV software.

Intel also tried this before on December 2016 with Disney “Intel and Disney Paint the sky” Project.

Intel turned to Disney to first showcase the technology and in December At the Disney show, Intel had twice the amount of drones on site and ready to fly resulting in 600 drones sitting on these launchpads.
This is one of the best application of drone much better than fireworks and best part is its totally under control and reusable.

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