It’s a new Microsoft



Microsoft is well known for its OS Windows and it is often regarded as a company that’s against the concept of open source. But recently they are moving on. You may have heard about Free windows 10 upgrade for everyone including pirated versions .


Here is list of few new things that Microsoft is trying to do this year


Microsoft is working with Google on Angular 2 Framework, TypeScript Language
Microsoft and Google are working together to help make next (and somewhat controversial) version of Google’s JavaScript web app framework Angular.


Adobe is contributing to Microsoft’s Spartan browser
Microsoft finally decided to end Internet Explorer and come up with new browser Spartan where Adobe is contributing to bring improvements in the areas of layout, typography, motion and graphic design. But IE will still remain available for enterprises and customers who require legacy browser support.


Microsoft Could Make Windows Open Source, Offer the Code Free of Charge
Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich told the audience at ChefCon conference that Windows could go open source at some point in the future but there are no details as to when this could happen.


Microsoft goes rogue: Windows on Android
Microsoft has prepared a build of Windows 10 ROM for Android phones that you will be able to flash. Microsoft recently tested Windows 10 on Xiaomi’s MI4. One thing Microsoft does have going for it is the optimization of its code, which has historically allowed Windows Phone to run more smoothly on lower-spec’ed devices than comparable Android handsets.


Here is a big question, When did Microsoft start working together with rival companies like Google and Adobe? Since windows phones are fighting for its survival building Windows ROM for android is indeed a smart move. Beside these Microsoft Announced Nano Server for Modern Apps and Cloud on April and They are also releasing Windows 10 on 190 countries this summer.

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