Get flavor of Windows and Android on a tablet that cost $200

Teclast tablet


Market of tablet have been evolving, you can’t get various size of tablets as per your need. Basically a smartphone with screen size of 7 inch and more is known as tablet pc or just a tablet. Trend of Tablet PC started back in late 80’s by Precept, Communications Intelligence Corporation, Linus and many other companies.


Now Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Microsoft are the leading Companies to bring out android, windows and IOS powered tablet. Technology has evolved so as the price of the devices with increasing specs.


Basically there are three type of tablet users
a. Android
b. IOS and
c. Windows


Wouldn’t it be awesome that one could use these three OS in a single device or at least two OS’s as we do on our Desktop and Laptops Dual booting the windows and Linux or mac or windows.
Well worry not here is something that Chinese Based Company named Teclast has introduced this Android and windows dual boot compatible hardware. Yes, now you can enjoy both android and the windows in this device. You may wonder that’s its Chinese device couldn’t handle the situation best. But trust me, you would be amazed after you operated device. Let me focus you on its best featured.


  1. First off all its size which amazingly thin 7.4mm and lightweight only 498g.
  2. Pretty decent screen size 9.7 inch diagonal with narrow bezel and retina display (same with iPad Air) i.e. resolution of 2048 X 1536
  3. 1.83 Ghz 64 bit Intel processor with 2Gb of RAM.
  4. 5mp camera with autofocus in rear and 2mp at front.
  5. Most importantly it just cost nearly 200 USD.


And now you might think that a device with this spec and made in china won’t last for more than 4, 5 hrs. But you are false again it gives you for at least 8 hrs. On normal uses. Since I bragged so much about this device you might think I am doing some kind of marketing or what?? But I promise this is not my job, I am a writer and depict it on word what I see what I feel.


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