Free Windows 10 upgrade, even yours is pirated

Windows 10
“MICROSOFT” I bet all of you have heard this name, and probably you are using its product to view this page. Even if you have heard about it let me give its small introduction, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975, is evolving and dominating the market with the Microsoft OS lineup and the office package. It has been actively involved in both software and hardware sector since then.


So recently Microsoft has announced that its new OS windows 10 will be free upgrade from windows 7/8/8.1 even for pirated version. Yes you heard it right EVEN FOR PIRATED COPY OF PREVIOUS WINDOWS.


Now that’s interesting when did MICROSOFT started to become that generous. Well wait, let me complete the story first. Although the updates are for free, the license are intact that means Genuine going to stay Genuine whereas pirated copy will not be taken as licensed.


But the bottom line of Microsoft is to create the base where whole ecosystem will be on same platform for modern applications and services. It is by the way the decent move of MICROSOFT, personally I love it. Let’s see how this one ends, how end user can take benefit of the new OS, how developers uses the new platform and how Microsoft will tend to grow.


Also to mention its competitor Apple has always been giving its updates for free and not to forget the Linux dist. always have been free with 6 month or an annual upgrades.


So get ready, this summer will/may be your upgrade season.

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