10 best features of iphone x: Best Features of iPhone X



Months of leaks exposed and every last detail about Apple’s new iphone X and still company managed to blow people away by it’s unveiled the handset during Tuesday’s big event. 10 most best features of iphone X will be discussed below accordingly. We all knew the looks of iphone X from the leaks, with an impressive all-screen design with OLED display, entirely of smooth glass and polished stainless steel with  a six-core A11 processor, more storage and RAM than ever before, and exciting new augmented reality features.

In the Internet today, many features regarding iphone X has already been published but here in our article, we have short listed the features filtering all the relevant content and including only the important and must well known  features of iphone X.


Apple’s iPhone X is far and away the most exciting and stunning iphone Apple has ever made, and below we’ll cover all of the best features of iphone X.

Features of iphone X are listed below:

1.  Super Retina Display(One of the pristine features of iphone X):

Apple’s first iPhone with an OLED display is finally here. The Super Retina Display is a sight to behold. Screen size is measures 5.8 inches diagonally, it features a pixel density of 458 ppi with a 1,000,000:1 color ratio. It’s also a True Tone screen, which means it automatically adjusts its color temperature based on the lighting you’re in at any give time. This is the main best features of iphone X that I like much.


2.  No Home Button

We all know this one was coming, and Apple has replaced the home button’s functionality with gestures. For example if you want to return to home than, a swipe up from the bottom brings you to the home screen also you can swipe up from the bottom and pause to open the app switcher. Giving up the home screen allowed Apple to produce a phone with an all screen front, and it’s a salutation change. This is one of the new and unthinkable  features of iphone X that Apple brought till the date.


3.  Face ID 

Face ID, one of the best features of iphone X, is an upgrade facial recognition feature that utilizes Apple’s new True Depth camera system. It features eight different cameras and sensors that combine to instantly recognize the owner’s face. The new A11 Bionic chip features a built-in neural engine that powers the system. Mainly, the system still works if you’re wearing glasses, if you grow a beard. Low light also isn’t a problem, since there’s an infrared element. Face ID will work for unlocking, Apple Pay, and with any third-party apps, just like Touch ID.


4.  Build

Apple’s iphone is constructed entirely of sturdy glass and stainless steel. It comes in black and white, and the stainless steel polished to match the color of the phone.


5.  Animoji

iPhone X’s new True Depth camera system also enables a fun new feature called Animoji. There are a dozen different animated emoji to start, and once you send them they mirror your own expressions and movements.


6.  Cameras

iPhone X includes a new dual-lens camera system on the back of the phone. It has dual optical image stabilization, and it is the second smartphone ever to feature dual OIS. The camera both have 12-megapixel sensors, and ton of enhancements to improve color reproduction and reduce noise.


7.  New Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode is also upgraded, with a new portrait lighting feature that lets you add lighting effects to your Portrait Mode shots and it’s not just the rear cameras that get exciting new features related to depth effects. Around front, the True Depth camera also lets you take selfies in Portrait Mode!


8.  Battery Life

in spite of the smaller housing, Apple has somehow managed to increase battery life by 2 hours!! Wait what 2 hours?? that’s compared to the iphone 7 but not the 7 Plus.


9.  A11 Bionic Chipset

iPhone X comes with 64 bits, 6 cores, new Apple-designed GPU and new ISP… it’s a beast.


10.  Wireless Charging

Finally. Apple’s new iphone X supports Qi wireless charging which is undoubtedly best features of iphone X, so it works with just about all the equipment that’s already out there. However, Apple has a new charging mat that’s capable of charging an iphone X, an Apple Watch, and AirPods all at same time on mat.


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