What is deep web and how to access it?

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Many people might not know about the deep web, as it’s all about making unaware to the outer world. Deep web, also known as Hidden web or Invisible web is a part where contents are not the part of the surface web. Simply, deep web refer to the websites that are not registered with any of the search engines and can indexed by specific and standard search engines only. Most of the people get confused deep web with the Dark Internet (any network hosts that can no longer be accessed through conventional means) where they are totally two different things. Deep web is always a threat as well as a matter of concern to some of the government agencies and authorities as they think it can be a perfect place to those who want to make their criminal activities real into the web. Today, there are huge petabytes of contents settled down as the contents of deep web within the web itself and estimated to be many times larger than the “surface web”.

Resources for a deep web

  • Unlinked contents: Such pages which are not linked with any other pages, there are no backlinks or internal links within the pages which may prevent search engines to crawl it.
  • Preventing robots, using HTTP Headers, and not letting search engines to enter within it.
  • Specific Access: Providing access to specific clients with specific IP Addresses.
  • Scripted Contents: Contents which are generated and accessed through link produced by javascript , Ajax or any other programming languages.


How to access the Deep Web?

There are many ways to access the deep web. Numbers of software are available which can be handy while accessing it.  Some deep web sites require subscriptions or payment to access materials. However, many excellent resources are free. Tor (The onion Router) is widely used software to access deep web. While using tor, the user is truly anonymous and location cannot be tracked. Once you run tor browser you simply can type a deep web address like you would in a normal browser, hit enter and you’ll be transported to the site. All sites on the deep web are .onion domains, which basically means both the provider and user are anonymous and difficult to trace. If you have a specific keyword or phrase to search within a deep web, you can simply visit https://www.ahmia.fi and enter your keyword or phrase exactly like you do in google or any other search engines. Some other search engines you can give a try are DeepPeep, Intute, Tor2Web etc.

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