Be in the game with Oculus Rift



So you love games, SAY IT LOUD, your parents can’t hear it . Well i do, i so love gaming, those character, those abstracts , those plot, and simply those game-play. Ah again i so love gaming wish i could be in that world, slay dragons, race the best car, shoot the opposition, fly, and give some kamehame haaa. Hope you get it what i want.


I might be sounding stupid now, but do you know about the virtual reality, i guess you all do. Technology has gone that far now we can have the feeling of 3D Virtual reality or a term Next Gen Virtual reality. The thing i just wished above is now possible, yes guys its real now. Behold, the company OCULUS now presents Oculus Rift.
So this is the device basically a headset where a player and step inside their favorite games and virtual world. The possibility are infinities, you can be any one, anywhere and most importantly in any position, sorry for the dark joke.


Now how this magic happens, you just need to pull Oculus over you head and BOOM you are in a different world, if game permits you can move your head around to browse the places, walk here and there with the help of joystick, climb , kick , punch and many more.You will just get the best immerse 3D experience with it.
You all might be excited to get one, but sad part is this device is still not out for consumers and price is not fixed yet.


But don’t worry if you are and willing to contribute as a developer, you sure can purchase it for $350 which includes the Oculus rift and the developer kit, so that you can develop the games and software that will work on the device.


So, is that it , will this device be only for gaming. Now that a big NOOO!!!, As i already mentioned above “the possibility are infinities”Though its main sight is for gaming, its going to affect how we consume the media, including movies. Just imagine , you are in the MATRIX movie dodging those bullets, running all through those places.


And to take a note : Oculus Rift was purchased by this top social networking site “FACEBOOK”. yes mark saw some huge potential in this device.May be in future it may be integrate with the websites, or some video chatting software like skype where user can virtually be in same place.
Lets see how this new tech will blend , we just need to wait for a while.

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