Can you control your Destiny?


We all would like to have control on what will happen to us, is it possible? Can destiny be controlled ?


You can give millions of examples and spill millions of words on this subject, to make it simple I try to explain it in a short version.


If you travel from point A to point B, you can zig zag your way longer or you can take the shortest way that is a straight line.


The same is Destiny, you will be where you should be, the only question is if you take the long way or the short way. Your free will is: short or long.


You can go visit any beach and look on the ocean, look on the waves, each wave is unique and never can be repeated the same way, for billions of years (any number of years will apply).


Imagine that your destiny is the wave that belong only to you.


Now go and find your wave.

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