Guinness world record attempt for world’s largest human flag Nepal

Reflecting the tremendous unity among the countrymen, more than 35,000 Nepali citizens got united this Saturday morning in the capital of Nepal to form the world’s largest human flag. To form the one and only flag with two angles in the world, people held up blue, crimson and white colored cardboard for more than 5 minutes. In spite of the wet ground and nasty sun rays people waited for more than 2 hours to get managed and for the chopper from where the aerial view of the flag was to be taken. A massive exited bunch of people shouted “Nepal-Nepal” in a single voice after the arrival of Fishtail Helicopter right above them. Previously, the largest human national flag consists of 28,957 participants and was achieved by Punjab Youth Festival 2014, organized by Sports Board Punjab at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan on 15 February 2014. Now onwards, the record will be in the name of Nepal until the next successful attempt is to be made. Human Values for Peace and Prosperity is the group who managed to accomplish this patriotic event and successfully attempted the Guinness world record for world’s largest Human National Flag with more than 35,000 people.

Here are some snaps related with the event.



Exited people after the successful event


Pilot view of the world's largest human flag

Pilot view of the flag



Arial view of World’s largest human flag – Nepal



Fishtail Helicopter above worlds largest Human Flag



People throwing their cardboard after the event has been successfully accomplished


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