Facts about Filming in Nepal

Ever wondered how Nepal can be the actual destination for filming ? What Nepal is actually made of and how Nepal actually  Lets talk regarding the facts about filming in Nepal. This blog is especially written to promote our country Nepal, why Nepal is famous for its tourist destination and what can be the reason for the international directors to direct in our country Nepal.

1. Nepal is a beautiful country with landscapes, mountains, lakes and forests which provide beautiful filmy locations in Nepal.

 Facts of filming in nepal


2. Nepal being enriched with highest mount in the world, makes it more reliable for filming and making it known to the whole world. The movie  Everest  which was a true based story about Everest climbers released on May,1996, most part of the movie was filmed in Nepal in the Everest region.

mount everest


3.Filming in Nepal with different national and world heritages sites can be done for awesome locations.


4.Some of the scenes of Marvel studios movie Doctor Strange  shooting was  done in Nepal inside Kathmandu valley focusing the main surrounding of Bhaktapur areas.

doctor strange in nepal


5.Ancient settlement and cultures can be included in films as locations and characters in the movie while film production in Nepal.



culture in nepal


6.One of the interesting facts about filming in Nepal is because Nepal is enriched with all of the natural aromas making it beautiful without having to sugarcoat with artificial materials. Film shooting and photography can be done in natural lights and environment.

natural nepal


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