Eye Opening facts about Eyes

eyes facts


Eyes are among the most important, wonderful and sensitive organs. Irrespective to its simple outer structure it takes many processes and complex coordination between eyes and brain to give living being the ability of vision. Let’s learn some eye opening facts about eyes.


  1. Human eye blinks at an average of 17 times a minute ie.14280 times a day ie. 5.2 million times a year.
  2. Tears along with eye cleaning property has anti-bacterial property.
  3. Approximately 6 in a 1000 are born with, heterochromia iridis this is a condition is person having two different colored eye balls.
  4. Due to its similarity with human cornea, sharks cornea is used as replacement in human cornea surgery.
  5. New born babies` cries lack tear. Tears only start to produce after 4 to 13 week of their birth.
  6. Pupils of human eye expands up to 45% seeing a loved one. Similarly seeing a person to whom you are sexually attracted results in shrinkage of the pupil.
  7. Prolonged exposure to sunlight eventually leads to thickening of the eye tissue which may further require surgical diagnosis.
  8. Your retina actually produces the image of the object you are viewing upside down, it’s the brain that flips the image sent by retina to actual orientation of the object.
  9. Eye color or our perception to it can change with lighting condition. Neither Blue nor Green pigments are present in the human eye.
  10. Human eyes has a vision angle of 180 degree whereas dogs have vision angle of 270 degree.
  11. All kittens are born with blue eyes. In case of if there genes have eye color changing property then they will change color by around 8 weeks of age. 65–85% of all white cats born with blue eyes are deaf.
  12. People generally read 25% slower from a computer screen than from paper. Reports also suggest that late-night screen-reading may be damaging to our eyes.
  13. Composition of tear differs according to tear of fear, happiness. anger, joy etc.

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