Everest Skydiving

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Skydiving is one of the most well-known ways to get high and then get low again in record time, but if you’re doing it from Everest be sure of just how thrilling it will be!


Everest skydiving is one of chilling adventure that thrashes all other adventures. It is also ranked 8th best Adventure Events organized throughout the World under the title’ Try Before You Die’ event Worldwide and many encompass it on their bucket list .


Highlights of Everest Skydiving:


  1. The World’s most adventurous Skydiving till date
  2. It takes you to the chilling heights of 29,500ft in front of Mount Everest.
  3. 15-25 minutes of flight, 40-60 seconds of free fall past some of the world’s highest mountain peaks
  4. 3-5 minutes for landing on the highest Drop Zone in the world (Syangboche Airport and Amadablam Base Camp).
  5. 360 degree Experience of the high-altitude over the snow-capped peaks in the Himalayas
  6. Experience the Himalayan environment of vast altitudes and acclimatization
  7. Only 30 skydivers per year complete the mind-blowing leap
  8. There are two kinds of jumps one is performed solo by professionals and valid license holders and another one is tandem skydiving (with company of trained diving pilots).
  9. Experience a High Altitude jump, with supplementary Oxygen
  10. Specialized military and parachute equipment including oxygen masks are required to dive from the helicopter.
  11. Squirrel B3 helicopter, local yaks, ponies and porters are the drop zone vehicles available
  12. This amazing free fall is listed in the top 10 adventures to experience in the world.
  13. Air to air video and professional photography available with your jump



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