Dolphin Facts

dolphin facts


Top ten Facts that will change the way you see dolphin:

  1. Dolphins give themselves names
  2. Dolphins don’t breathe automatically – they breathe when they tell themselves to breathe
  3. Captive Dolphins commit suicide!
  4. Just a tablespoon of water in a dolphin’s lung could drown it.
  5. Dolphins shut down half of their brains when they sleep inorder to prevent from drowning.
  6. Bonobos, dolphins, and humans are the only animals to have sex for pleasure
  7. Dolphin blubber has super-healing properties.
  8. The only position of copulation for dolphins is face to face.
  9. Dolphins are teaching themselves to “walk” on water with their tails!
  10. The “killer whale”, or Orca, is actually a dolphin.

More Dolphin Facts:

  1. Dolphins are carnivores. They consume a variety of prey including fish, squid and crustaceans.
  2. Dolphins have two stomachs – one for storing food and the other for digesting
  3. Dolphins need to eat about 5% their body weight every single day.
  4. Dolphins can jump as high as 20 feet out of the water.
  5. Dolphins are mammals; they nurse their young from mammary glands.
  6. Dolphins live in the ocean, but there are also a few species living in rivers.
  7. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean, although they are mainly shallow divers.
  8. They use many sounds including clicks, whistles and squeaks.
  9. Like bats, dolphins use echolocation to navigate and hunt, bouncing high-pitched sounds off of objects, and listening for the echoes.
  10. Most dolphins live long lives. The bottlenose dolphin can live over 40 years, and the orca can live to be 70 or 80!
  11. Unlike other mammals, dolphins cannot breathe through their mouth; they only breathe throught their blowholes.
  12. Bottlenose Dolphins can hold their breath for about 7 minutes, Belugas for about 12 minutes and Orcas for 20 minutes.
  13. To prevent drowning while sleeping only half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half remains awake so they can continue to breathe!
  14. Dolphins have few natural enemies. Humans are their main threat. Pollution, fishing and hunting mean some dolphin species have an uncertain future.
  15. Dolphins are incredibly social animals. They live in groups and cooperate with each other to get food and in raising offspring (calves).
  16. Dolphins are extremely playful and curious animals. They play-fight with each other and also play with seaweed. They have also been known to play with other animals such as dogs.
  17. One species of dolphin—the Indus river dolphin—will only sleep a few seconds at a time because it has to dodge dangerous debris in the water where it lives.
  18. There are dolphins with 8 teeth and there are some with 250.
  19. Dolphins do not drink water like we do because most of the water they swim in is saltwater.
  20. Dolphins only have hair when they are first born. This hair is found on the top of the rostrum, which is the dolphin’s mouth, and falls out within two weeks.


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