Are we in the future?

New California Product HOVERBOARD


Back in 1989 Director Robert Zemeckis directed movie Back to the future II  sequel of Back to the future (1985), I guess everybody watched it and loved it .Based with a guy travels through the time , go to the future ie 2015 A.D and tackle with the new tech, devices. Devices like hoverboard, high tech computers, flying cars and those fancy holograms.

Well this is 2015 and are we there yet.

Yes we are , you see even you are watching this article with you high end smart phone or with just the most recent desktop pc or laptops. Now thats today’s beauty not only that Tony Hawk revealed its first  real Hover Board. Google is planning to commercialize the driverless car. You can be the part of game with the device named OCULUS. And About those holograph you can acquire it with HOLOLENS which is gonna be release within this year . Drones are everywhere , Robots are build with Complex AI and another achievement rectly is a person now can control others physical body part with their own brain , Amazing right ??.

NASA recently released the image of the space with thousands/ millions of solar system in it, you can guess how powerful has the image processing and computer has began .Even there is the robot roaming alone on the surface of MARS. All these fact definitely shows that we are in future and are continuously progressing it .

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