Why We Love Flat Design (And You Should, Too!)

Flat design is a simplest design approach which focuses on usability. It features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations. It is one of the most talked about trends in web design. It is compared with skeuomorphic design, because of its completely opposite ethics and style. Kindle fire is at the forefront of skeuomorphic design whereas Windows 8 follows flat design trend.


flat design


Flat design is considered as simple and efficient design at its core. It trends towards making websites or apps that are user friendly as it is free from other distractions like heavy graphics and dark shadows. I don’t believe that flat design is the only type of efficient design, but it definitely does make it easier to find information when done well. When it comes down to it, your website or app needs to be simple and easy for anyone to be able to use. Some may find that flat design aids in that process, others prefer to use a different design style. Flat design can be used to create really beautiful, simple interfaces, but it’s not necessarily appropriate for every project. Be mindful of what you’re trying to achieve visually and what you want to communicate.


Lots of companies redesigned their logo following flat design some of them are:

flat design

What is Flat Design?


  1. Flat Design is Simple
  2. Flat Design uses less gradients
  3. Flat Design focuses on the User
  4. Flat Design incorporates straight lines, and square corners
  5. Flat design incorporates high color contrasts
  6. Flat Design reduces extra elements like shadows, bevels, textures or anything that looks 3D.
  7. Flat Design is two dimensional
  8. Flat Design is a trend toward simplicity and minimalism
  9. Flat design means no added effects
  10. There are no extras in flat design
  11. Flat design tends to mean fewer buttons, and less “stuff”
  12. Flat design incorporates a focus on typography
  13. Color combinations, contrasting colors, and interesting color variations are all of paramount importance in flat design
  14. Flat design is only one design style of many, it works for some projects, it doesn’t work for others


What Flat Design Is Not


  1. Flat Design is Not Skeuomorphism, or design that emulates the shape and contours of ‘reality’ such as stone or fabric textures.
  2. Flat Design is Not Shiny Buttons
  3. Flat Design Is Not Extra Design
  4. Flat Design Does Not Include Embellishments
  5. You won’t find traditional notions of ‘depth’ in flat design
  6. Flat design isn’t right for every project


IOS trending flat design:

flat design

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