She : A story of an unfortunate daughter by Basanta Raj pudasaini


She is a story of an unfortunate daughter by Basanta Raj pudasaini. The lost cause stars someone all she wants to do is sex. Durga has found herself in a situation she does not want to be in. Somebody is killing himself in the suicide note but not before revisiting his past. True lies is the story of a husband’s vacation gone wrong. Nani has her own story to tell in the harvest of Oz. Akshar is a tale of a couple’s fight for their love against something all people finally give in.


This series of short stories gives a series of snapshots of different lives, different ways of coping with human problems, those which occur when ordinary people lose control of their lives. They include the tale of an unwanted fifth daughter who marries a stranger, gives her all to raise her son and discovers it wasn’t enough. The story of a young girl’s first sexual relationship and the nymphomania that follows. Desperate for sex, she seeks it everywhere until she finds her place, in a brothel. But what happens to a whore when her looks fade? Durga’s parents want her to marry, but Durga is ugly, scarred by measles. Her story is one of despair as she is treated as a pariah by her family; than a stranger comes to the door.


These characters, and others, each have overwhelming problems to deal with and each finds a way to cope in this charming collection.


About the author

Basanta Raj Pudasaini was born in Kathmandu, Nepal but now calls New York city his home having moved there in 2016. His interest in writing came from extensive reading.  The author accidentally stumbled upon literature and found it so refreshing that he chose to stay in it altogether. Having already had a master’s degree from his home country, Nepal, the writer is now pursuing a career in literature and screenwriting.


This is his first venture in literature and is currently working on other books. He blogs regularly on his website and primarily writes works for a youth audience. His interests other than writing are travelling, adventure sports and reading. You can find out more about him, his blogs and various other ways to connect with the author on his website. You can also follow him on his social media by the links given below.

The book is very interesting to read. Do follow the author to get more information.

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